Dec 20

End of Fall

Dear Friends,
The solar car team finished the semester strong going into winter break.  The student team leaders wrote and presented a proposal to Dr. Palmer, Principia College’s president, asking for Principia’s support in reaching our goal of participating in the American Solar Challenge this coming summer.  The meeting went over well and the team has full support from Principia; now it is our turn to produce an improved Ra 7s for the race.
Over winter break, the team members staying on or around campus have several projects planned.  Most importantly, the car and crate arrive on December 27th and need to be unpacked.  This will allow the team to hit the ground running and work on the car once spring semester starts.  A few members in the area will be working to learn our modeling software, NX, and will be able to apply their knowledge in designing improved parts for Ra 7s.  Our business manager, Kali, and the faculty advisors are filling out the many application forms for ASC 2012.  The battery protection system also needs to be updated from the last race and will be worked on before the car gets back.
Looking ahead, the team is sorting out commitments in order to work over spring break and during the summer following the end of the semester.  Breaks are crucial times to get work done on the car as the team does not have a course load to balance as well!
We are looking forward to another productive new year and we wish each of you the warmest of holidays!
Brian Ritter and Lacey Crabill

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