Oct 23

WSC 2011 Wrap-Up


Sunday was our last complete day in Adelaide and what a fulfilling day it was!  The team attended a Sunday service at 1st Church of Christ, Scientist, Adelaide. The members were so welcoming!  Following the service, they graciously invited us to join them in a reception. We were able to meet and share our WSC experience with everyone.  They have a lovely church and we are so grateful we were able to visit them!

Soon after, a few headed back to Victoria Square to talk with others and hang out near Ra 7s while the rest of us went to Cleland Wildlife Park to feed and pet some Aussie animals!  Being an animal lover myself, I had the greatest time rubbing kangaroo and wallaby bellies while feeding them to their heart’s content.  Others were thrilled to pet the koalas and imitate the emus!

By 5pm, the team was back together near the square and safely loaded Ra 7s into the crate to prepare her for a safe ride back to the US.  Afterward, we walked over to the Adelaide Convention Center to attend the WSC Awards Ceremony.  A unique aboriginal cultural presentation opened the ceremony followed by a video of this years’ WSC experience created by the WSC media crew!  We got to see some awesome shots of the solar cars driving on the Stuart Highway.  One shot that stood out was the scene of Team Nuon driving next to flames on the side of the road!  Teams encountered some extreme conditions this year and have made many memories along the way.

Following the awards ceremony, we had a pizza feast back at our villas with a debrief meeting and sharing session of our WSC experience.  We assembled feedback to give to WSC officials as well as thoughts expressing how we felt we performed as a team.  Without a doubt, we accomplished what we strove toward throughout the entire race.  We asked one another if we felt we achieved our two goals, to glorify God and to do our best, and unanimously agreed that we had.  Many examples were shared about how we did this and how others perceived our team.  We look forward to continuing our team mission and spreading experiences learned from WSC this year.

Thank you again for all of your support along the way!  We have given a lot to this experience and have learned much from it as well.  We will each cherish the grand experience we have had here in Australia and look forward to sharing our next race with you too!

For one last time from Australia, cheers mate!


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