Oct 01

A Hello From the Team!

Hello Solar Supporters!

I am happy to share that it has been a successful start to a new semester! The team has started the initial stages of designing our next solar car. With the new semester, we have many new faces on the team! We have spent the past few weeks teaching and familiarizing the new team members with Ra7s and general solar car information/vocabulary. Following this email will be 3 team updates and from here on out, you should be hearing from us more often!

Principia Solar Car would like to thank you for all of your generous support, whether it has been spiritually, mentally, physically, or monetarily. We had an amazing race this past summer and loved the opportunity to meet so many of our supporters in person! I would like to update some of our monetary supporters. If you donated money through our Adopt-A-Tire or Adopt-A-Student fundraisers and have yet to receive a postcard and thank you gift, I apologize for the extreme tardiness of our thank you. If you adopted a tire, we had a shortage of race t-shirts and our second order of t-shirts were unexpectedly delayed. I am happy to announce that we finally received our shipment of shirts and will be working to send out shirts and postcards as soon as possible. Once again, many apologies for the tardiness of this announcement, although we truly appreciate all of your support! Without you, our success would not be possible.

What are the future plans of Principia Solar Car?

This is not only a frequently asked question by our supporters, but also a question that we are frequently asking ourselves. With the finish of the 2012 American Solar Challenge, the team has started the process of designing our next car in order to meet new race regulations. We are also in the process of discussing which race is our next race, which will directly affect the details of the design of our new car.

Thank you so much for all of your support! Feel free to email us at prinsolar@gmail.com with any questions!

With love,
Kali McKee
Business Manager

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