Oct 01

Grafton Art Show

Hello Solar Supporters!

On September 8th, Principia Solar Car showcased Ra7s at the Art in the Park Outreach Event in Grafton, IL. The morning began at nine with setting up tents to cover the upper and lower body of Ra7s. The tents were setup at the entrance of the festival which served as a prime location for catching attendees’ attention. It was a beautiful day at the festival with a great turnout from Grafton and other neighboring communities. The day was packed full of art, food, music, and other local talents.

Our team members took shifts at the tents throughout the day. This gave a wonderful opportunity to our new members to learn as experienced team members answered onlookers’ questions about the cars’ race history, features, and the team’s plans for the future. By the end of the day, the new team members were able to share the facts and stories they had learned earlier!
The community was especially interested in hearing that our team was moving forward in designing our next car. It was a successful start to a new semester of learning!

With love,
Catherine and Lisa

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