Oct 01

New Student Bio: Matthew Herman

Hello Solar Supporters!

My name is Matthew Herman and I am an incoming freshman to Principia College with experience in design and mechanics. During my high school career I worked on building and competing in my high school’s robotics club in regional competitions and three years running at the Vex World Championship. I have enjoyed learning about mechanics and functionality of different parts during my time in the club. I have also taken many art classes including a 3D design class which has better prepared me for the challenges to come with the design of the Principia Solar Car team’s next car. I have had experience with organic design in art and functional design in robotics and really look forward to using these skills to contribute to the solar car team. When not busy with my studies and contributions to extra-curricular activities, I like to dabble in photography and drawing. At some point, I would love to start a competitive robotics club at Principia College. One can often find me working with my friends on projects or homework, because I appreciate working in a group. I am not entirely familiar with the operations of the Solar Car team, but over the next semester and beyond I really hope to get to a critical point of involvement.

Matthew Herman

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