Feb 21

Winter Break and a New Semester

Hello all!

Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Christmas season.  Just two days after Christmas, the solar car team received a very large package in the mail!  Local team members helped to unpack the crate, moved supplies into the shop, and safely unpacked Ra 7s.  There was slight damage to the lower body of Ra 7s caused by rubbing, but thankfully it isn’t something that can’t be easily fixed.  Later during the break Brian R., Garrett, Brian K., Tania and Josh spent many hours meticulously unpacking boxes from the crate and organizing the solar car shop and the new office.  Although the office isn’t finished, the shop is spotless and ready for another semester of hard work.  Brian K. and Brian R. also spent time over the break researching new parts for the battery pack. The team’s first meeting occurred on the first Monday of the semester at which we discussed our upcoming race in the American Solar Challenge this summer.  With over 100 hours put in during the break, the team was in a perfect position to hit the ground running!

Josh Curry

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