Oct 23

Almost to Adelaide

G’day mates!

Yesterday we had a smooth run into Coober Pedy. I started in the car and drove about 180 km before Jackson switched in. We stopped for thirty minutes of charging in Coober before continuing on down the road to Glendambo. Just before 5pm, with literally milliseconds to spare, we pulled into Glendambo. Luckily, the control stop was at a roadhouse, so we were able to camp right there. And even better, they had showers, which we were all pretty grateful for!

This morning the goal was to get as close to Adelaide as possible without killing the battery pack. Jackson took the wheel and did an amazing job making it nearly 300 km to Port Augusta with practically net zero usage of the pack. Again, we spent thirty minutes charging and then Jackson continued the rest of the 3.5 hours we had in the day driving as far as possible. We believe that the team has set a new Principia record for the most miles driven by a single driver in a single day: Jackson Walker with 516km (320.6 miles).

We are currently camped in a nice man’s backyard (his name is Trevor) some 50 km out from the end of timing and 70 km from the ceremonial finish line at Victoria Square in Adelaide. Tomorrow we will finish the race, accomplishing our two overarching goals of (1) glorifying God (and always doing our best); and (2) completing the route purely on solar energy.

Tonight we spent some time sitting together reflecting on our incredible experience and sharing gratitude for each other and for the qualities each team member expresses. Solar car really does have a way of uniting a diverse group of individuals and creating a true family. For me, solar car has been the ultimate highlight of my college experience. Not only has solar car given me a place to be myself, it has given me lifelong friends and constant opportunities for growth and progress.

Without donor support this project would not be possible, so thank you again for all that you do. I know I speak for all the other team members when I say that this is a project that is very special, and one that must continue.

Don’t forget to tune in to our last couple radio shows at 4pm central. I will be posting photos tomorrow when we cross the finish line, completing 3,000 km together across the Outback on solar power! Stay tuned!


Until then,


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