Oct 21

Day 4: outside Coober Pedy

Cheers solar enthusiasts!

Quick update today because we had a very smooth, relatively uneventful day. Hayley started the day behind the wheel at 1432, just over 60 km from Alice Springs. After the thirty minute required stop at the Alice Springs checkpoint, I got in the car headed to the next checkpoint, Kulgera, the last stop in the Northern Territory.

After about 170 km, Jackson got in the car and drove the rest of the way to the checkpoint, and continued for the rest of the day, bringing us into South Australia and taking us to 1932, some 250 km from Coober Pedy and just 14km north of Marla, South Australia. We started our day with gratitude sharing and ended our day with a Wednesday testimony meeting. What great bookends to a day!

We had good sunshine today and a good 500 km day. We are currently in 17th position and are hoping to make up additional ground tomorrow. We should make it through both Coober Pedy and Glendambo, which will put us just about 600 km from the finish line!

Please do continue sending good thoughts and prayers our way. We couldn’t do this without your support!

Good on ya,


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